About mental illness

Just like physical illnesses, mental illness is part of being human. It’s the result of a complex mix of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors.

All of us are likely to encounter some form of mental illness during our lives. It might be isolated episodes of worry or anxiety, the same way you’d pick up a bad cold or flu. For some, it will be a more complex condition with lasting consequences that will need lifelong management – like you would diabetes or high blood pressure.

There are many types of mental illnesses, including depression, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. Typically, mental illness first emerges when we’re in our teens or young adulthood but it also can emerge later in life.

While mental illness is part of being human, 75% of people impacted won’t ask for help.

Find out more about mental illnesses and recovery at heretohelp.bc.ca.