Yes, In My Backyard

Join us in advocating for community-based mental health supports and services in your backyard. We encourage you to say, ‘Yes, In My Backyard!’

When communities build infrastructure to support a diverse group of people, these services encourage equity, trust, choice, collaborations, employment opportunities, as well as recovery, resiliency and wellness of its residents.

To encourage investments in community-based mental health supports, Coast Mental Health has submitted five recommendations as part of the 2022 B.C. Budget Consultation process.


The benefits of local mental health services and supports

Communities continue to thrive through strong connections made through local business, community partnerships and healthcare services that cater to a diverse group of people.

When government invest in services to support neighbourhoods, they’re also creating expectations around tolerance and inclusion that encourages people to get to know their neighbours, as well as the many people who help to contribute to their community.

These community networks insulate neighbourhoods from criminal activities and help people who are unwell access the supports they need without judgement, all within the safety of their community.

Communities that embrace supportive housing and community healthcare supports ensure people in distress access the healthcare services they need, reducing the demand and expense of emergency calls and repeat hospital visits.

We also know that when community healthcare services are established, further business ventures and employment opportunities soon follow.

When you support #yesinmybackyard, you give people the opportunity to contribute their unique talents back to the communities where they live, which embraces the diversity of cultures and identities that enrich our neighbourhoods.

Help us reach more people in need

Coast Mental Health has provided community-based mental health supports for close to 50 years, serving many communities across Greater Vancouver. 

Each year we provide housing, supports and employment services to more than 5000 people living with mental health challenges. Many families continue to rely on our services to help their loved ones manage their wellness on a daily basis.  

With your support, we can do more. Say #yesinmybackyard and help #fundmentalhealth.


Your donation to Coast Mental Health Foundation provides essential housing, support, and employment services for people with mental illness so they can find their meaningful place in our community – a place to live, a place to connect, and a place to work.



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