Tim’s Story

Allow us to introduce you to Tim. He’s a Canadian Veteran. After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, Tim discovered that he was suffering from PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.

He began using cannabis to mask his emotions and cope with his mental health condition and the challenges he experienced as a result of it. Unfortunately, what began as a coping mechanism, spiraled out of control and eventually took over his life. In 1990 he moved to Vancouver from Ontario.

He knew something had to change. 


I knew I needed something different in my life, but I never knew ‘what’ I was looking for. I came to Vancouver looking for a fresh start, to clean up my act and seek mental health.


Tim discovered Coast Mental Health’s Clubhouse soon after. Located in Mt. Pleasant, in Vancouver, the Coast Mental Health Clubhouse was (and still is) a safe haven that provides a refuge for individuals who – like Tim – are looking for programs, services, and resources to help begin their recovery from mental illness.

As you can imagine, the road to recovery from mental illness is compounded by many factors that make it difficult to even get started. And having the courage to change your life can be a deeply personal decision. But that is precisely what Coast Clubhouse offers individuals like Tim; An opportunity to take the first steps of their recovery journey.

The Clubhouse program offers each individual the opportunity to participate and design a personalized healing experience, at their own pace and in their own meaningful way. Personalization of support has been shown to contribute to future success and sustainability.  


I started visiting the Coast Clubhouse almost every day. There, I got to enjoy daily warm and nourishing meals… and meet new friends while adjusting to a new city… I came [back] because the members taught me how to socialize…  [and somehow] I felt like I was on my A-game at Coast.


Tim has now been a Clubhouse member for over 15 years, and he’s still active in our Coast community!




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