Courage To Come Back TV Show Raises $1.6million

In a year like no other, Coast Mental Health celebrated the Courage To Come Back Awards, presented by Wheaton Precious Metals in an all-new format with a 30-minute commercial-free TV Show, hosted by former award recipient and mental health advocate Corey Hirsch.

The show has so far raised over $1.6 million, which will go directly to crucial programing to support people living with mental illness in the Lower Mainland.

Thanks to Lorne Segal, the Segal Family Foundation, Terry Hui and Concord Pacific, donations up to a total of $200,000 were matched.

Lorne Segal, O.B.C, Chair of The Courage To Come Back Awards and President of Kingswood Properties comments: “I am thrilled to have shared these five stories of courage and resilience in an all-new format this year. Their stories offer us a dose of inspiration at a time when we need it most. This event is Coast Mental Health Foundation’s key annual fundraiser, and I am very grateful to all those who donated. Your generosity is providing critical support for people living with mental illness. Thank you.”

The five Courage To Come Back Award recipients are:

Alex Sangha – Mental Health Category

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, gay, and from a South Asian community where neither is widely accepted, Alex Sangha is a formidable force for good. A creator of safe spaces, LGBTQ activist, award-winning documentary-maker, author and speaker, he has founded two charities to support South Asian and elderly LGBTQ communities.

Watch his story here:

Lester Wong – Physical Rehabilitation Category

When a horrific car accident burnt 30 per cent of his body, Lester Wong was left disfigured and underwent countless surgeries. Undeterred, he returned to school, resumed his military reserve role and gained his commercial pilot license, despite his loss of fingers. He selflessly volunteers for Burns charities, and shares his story to help others.

Watch his story here:

Miranda Tymoschuk – Youth Category

Despite painful surgeries to lengthen & straighten her leg, living with chronic illness, mental health challenges and addiction, 25 year-old Miranda Tymoschuk chooses to turn these into an opportunity to help others. From a young age she has volunteered, fundraised, shared her story and trained to help and counsel others so they might feel less alone.

Watch her story here:

Greg Anctil – Medical Category

In spite of 20+ years of ill health including Crohn’s Disease, cancer, emergency surgeries and four limb replacements, Greg Anctil’s story is one of upbeat positivity. Forced to close down his law practices, he has returned to the law four times, all while volunteering his time for CHILD Foundation and the Parish Council among others. He is a dedicated husband and father.

Watch his story here:

Guy Felicella – Addiction Category

Against the odds, Guy Felicella has overcome a 30-year cycle of addiction, homelessness, crime and jail, living within a two-block radius in the Downtown Eastside. He has been sober for 8 years, and is an in-demand public speaker and tireless advocate for people living with addiction, while also working as a policy advisor.

Watch his story here:

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