What impact has Coast Mental Health had in your community?

Coast Mental Health has made it possible for people with special needs to have a home and to live with dignity in our city.

Why have you chosen to support Coast Mental Health?

Coast gives direct help and supports people on a personal as well as a professional level. Coast’s employees and Board members are approachable by phone or in person whenever there is a need by their clients or families. That personal response is so important. Coast is also looking for new, innovative ways to serve the mental health community, and in a broader sense, the whole community whether it is in housing, meals, education or employment. We appreciate Coast Mental Health’s approach to very difficult problems.

How do you envision the future of mental health treatment and recovery in our community, and what role might Coast have in making it a reality?

We would like to see more hospital beds available to start the recovery process and integration into society. People cannot get better on the street. The overdose crisis underlines this point. There should be realistic goals and tangible results. Coast helps by being there in the continuum of care. Housing, food, access to a better life are important components of Coast’s help,and so necessary for the well being of clients, families, and community.