Meet our member artists


A long-time media artist


“Learning art by experience.”


As a child, Leo spent a lot of time making art because he was born with a physical disability that prevented him from being active with other children.  Leo found art early in life and continues to create beautiful paintings.


“Artist Statements are twaddle. The reason we paint is to extract an aesthetic beyond language. Writing about this is akin to a dancing rock.”


“I used to paint and exhibit in Calgary. I like the Canadian Art Scene. I am pleased to be in this Road Show exhibit. I love being a part of it.”


“I find art to be healing and essential to my recovery. Creativity gives me focus, purpose and an identity. It’s been my salvation. I’ve painted abstract works and urban scenes about alienation, angst, social inclusion and isolation. Other works are full of colour and vibrancy paralleling my journey to wellness. I paint florals with heart, soul and passion.”


“I became interested in art in my teens. I was inspired by other artists and by visits to the Vancouver Art Gallery. I work primarily with acrylic paints and pencil. I enjoy painting landscapes and recently have become interested in abstract art. I became involved with the Coast Mental Health Arts program approximately three years ago. I really appreciate the camaraderie of the other artists and the guidance and instruction of the wonderful volunteers.”


“Although drawn from personal
experience, I hope others are able to connect with something in my art that goes beyond my experience and speaks to them. I very much appreciate being part of the Coast Mental Health Art Project Roadshow, as it is a wonderful and unique opportunity to share my artwork with various communities in the Lower Mainland.”


“What kind of artist are you?
Uuuhhh, a martial artist.”


“The original works are spray
painted images. I work at home –
wherever or anytime. I usually paint outer space themes.”


“I am a big fan of surrealism and fantasy-inspired art.”



“Painting is fun and liberating.”


“A mental health consumer who requires a steady dose of art as medication.”


“I like the work involved in painting. I start painting until something good happens.”


“My work is very spontaneous and most often is inspired by something I see in my environment. Creating these pieces is a big part of my mental wellbeing and is a huge part of my recovery.”


Janice “Jujube”

I dedicate my artworks to those who have experienced their own realities of nightmares and struggles; with courage and conviction, I understand that my voice as an artist flows unabated despite any clinical diagnoses that I have.







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