A smoothie club with a difference

At first glance, the smoothie group at Pacific Coast Apartments (PCA) might seem like good fun. But there’s much more to it.

Ryan Hoffman, the social worker in charge breaks it down. Before each meet-up, he checks in with everyone to know what ingredients they want for their smoothies. “It’s not just about blending fruits; it’s about making choices. Combined with a fun activity and something healthy, too.”

It sounds simple, but for these 20 young adults facing serious mental illness or substance use disorders, it can be a big deal.

“I’m saying, what specific ingredients do you want? And then I get it for them, and they make it. They’ve decided what they want in life, and then they’ve made that decision, and then they’ve done it. And it’s made them happy.  And they probably don’t get that much in life.”

Thanks to you, Ryan is there for them daily.  “Almost everyone here has something that affects their ability to function in the community” he explains.

Many have grown up in the care system and have had very few choices in their lives.

Activities like the smoothie club are just one way you support them in their recovery.  

Your impact goes beyond the blender; Ryan also connects folks to healthcare, opioid agonist treatments, and employment or education. He’s also on hand to help connect them with community resources, legal support, goal planning, ministry assistance, community outreach support, building and maintaining support networks, regular wellness check-ins, and person-centered one-on-one activities

“I try to basically meet everyone where they’re at and decide, what kind of support does this person need?” Ryan concludes.

This program is supported thanks to the generosity of our friends at RBC Foundation

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