When I think of Coast Mental Health, I think of courage, compassion and hope.

I’ve been a volunteer and supporter of Coast Mental Health Foundation for over 20 years, and have seen the difference this organization makes in people’s lives.

I have met many people who have the courage to work on their mental health recovery every day, no matter how difficult, and have seen what they can accomplish, with support.

Every single person has their own story and their own path to recovery. What I have always admired most about Coast is the steadfast commitment to helping each person with compassion and respect, honouring their unique path and walking with them toward recovery with understanding and empathy.

I am sure you are as deeply moved and inspired as I am by the urgent and important work done by Coast especially when you hear the stories of how, together, we have changed people’s lives. If you’re like me, you may also want to make sure this organization is always here to respond to people in our Province dealing with mental illness.

That’s why I am here to share with you why I have chosen to remember Coast Mental Health Foundation with a gift in my Will. I have always believed that you are happiest when your spending and your values are aligned. My giving and volunteering with Coast are a big part of the story of my life and it’s important to me that this vital and vibrant work continues well into the future.

In my time at Coast, I’ve seen this organization change, adapt and grow. Coast serves a very diverse population, and its programs and services have been developed in response to our community’s needs.

Coast is always improving and learning, and I believe there is no other organization with Coast’s level of experience and expertise, as well as genuine compassion and respect for the difficult journey of people with mental illness and their families. I know in my heart that with the ongoing support of amazing people like you, Coast will remain the champion of mental health here in BC.

When I think about the future, I want my gift to help Coast continue to do this crucial work, so it can continue to adapt to meet the needs of our community. My hope is that Coast Mental Health Foundation will be here to continue to help society become a kinder, gentler place for everyone who is living with mental illness and their families.

In order to ensure that people with mental illness can always find help when they need it, we must take action now to ensure Coast will always be here for our loved ones and neighbours, even after we are gone.

I hope my story inspires you to reflect on your own values, and also your hopes and dreams for the future of people with mental illness, so that they do not have to walk alone on the difficult path of recovery.

Please consider joining me in including a gift to Coast Mental Health Foundation in your Will.