Spread Courage,
Not Fear


Every year, Coast Mental Health celebrates courage, compassion and humility at the Courage To Come Back Awards. While raising critical funds for those experiencing mental illness, we spread a message of courage and hope to those that attend.

Due to COVID-19, our gala has been postponed, but here at Coast we know that now, more than ever we need to #SpreadCourageNotFear.

Will you have the Courage to help us today? 

The virus outbreak has changed all our lives. For people with mental illness, the mixture of isolation, fear and hunger, can be devastating. We are working hard to develop new ways to maintain services for them.

We need your help to continue to support them. YOU make this important work possible.

Please donate now to Coast Mental Health Foundation. 

How will your donation help?

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have been forced to close down some of our most valuable and impactful services. 

We are working hard to develop alternative ways to support our clients. The following are examples of how your contribution will make a direct impact in the lives of people living with mental illness:

  • $10 can provide hot, hearty & nutritious take-away food: enough for a day
  • $50 can support our safe, meaningful outreach services for the homeless
  • $60 can provide a personal care pack for those isolating during the pandemic
  • $100 can support virtual mental health therapies such as Cognitive Remediation

Mary’s Story

Mary is a long-time Coast client, who relies on The Resource Centre’s services to survive.  Mary has an income of $710 a month, and can barely afford to pay for her rent. Before COVID-19, every day, Coast Mental Health’s Resource Centre provided her with affordable meals and a community of peers and mental health professionals who help her manage her mental illness.

Without them, Mary risks losing her lifeline. 

Your gift today will provide people like Mary with the help they need. Your generosity will let them know that their lives matter, and that they will not be abandoned when they need it most.


Help us spread courage, not fear within our communities. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share 5 quotes or notes of courage with friends and family; stick it in your window, send them a text, or share on social media using #SpreadCourageNotFear
  • Donate to bring hope and courage to the thousands of British Colombians living with mental illness
  • Challenge 5 friends or family to do the same, and help spread the word! 



About Coast Mental Health 

The statistic is familiar: one in five Canadians will be impacted by mental illness in their lifetimes. For some, the illness will be so severe that it tears apart their lives. Young people drop out of school. Professionals lose their jobs. Isolation, addiction and homelessness are the result, often long before an illness can even be diagnosed.

A not-for-profit organization, Coast Mental Health has been helping British Columbians with mental illness find the courage to recover since 1972. We create a framework for community-based mental health care by providing the three essential pillars of sustained recovery:
• Housing
• Support Services
• Employment & Education

Working side-by-side with Coast’s team of counsellors, social workers, nurses and therapists, the people we serve – our clients – set their own goals and are given the support to achieve them. Clients also play a key role in the overall success of the organization, whether as peer support workers, members and volunteers at our Clubhouse or Resource Centre, or part of our governance board or Planning & Partnership committee.

For forty-five years, we have been working with clients, donors and other government and non-government partners to build communities where people living with mental illness can thrive. The results are richer lives for our clients, a reduction in the stigmas surrounding mental illness, and reduced burdens on our health care and justice systems.

Together, every day we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible.

Donate Now

Please give today. Your compassion can open the door to recovery.

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Your donation to Coast Mental Health Foundation provides essential housing, support, and employment services for people with mental illness so they can find their meaningful place in our community – a place to live, a place to connect, and a place to work.



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