If you could help someone take back control of their life. When you support Coast Mental Health Foundation you can.

Your Kindness Changes Lives

Your support enables every individual who accesses our services to design their own unique and custom tailored path to wellness.

Coast Mental Health offers individuals a wide array of programs and services to choose from.

This means each individual has access to a highly tailored approach that meets their exact needs.

The result is an innovative and client centered approach that has become the hallmark of successful recovery at Coast Mental Health.

A Message From The CEO

“Coast Mental Health has 4,500 clients at any given time. Each client is provided the support and encouragement they need to pursue mental and overall wellness in their own unique way. Because of this, we can actually say that Coast offers 4,500 different programs and services.”

— Darrell Burnham
Chief Executive Officer, Coast Mental Health

Sanly’s story

How You Help Empower More People

This story showcases how your generosity enables individuals to escape the stigma of mental illness, and empowers them to talk openly about their challenges. It is one of five videos created by Coast Mental Health youth. See the others right below.

“If you believe in yourself, anything and everything is always possible for you. Never, ever give up on your dreams because only you can change the way you are in your life.

— Sanly, Coast Mental Health Client

More Stories Of Success

“We decided to tell our own stories in order to build more empathy for people struggling with mental health”Coast Client


Misha's Story

Paige's Story

Taylor's Story

Rabble Rousers is an inspiring project of Coast Mental Health’s Young Adult Program. It gives young adults an opportunity to express themselves and share their views on mental health through community engagement. These digital stories are personal creations, breaking the silence of stigma. This is just one of the ways that you enable individuals to actively participate in shaping their path to wellness and to explore their journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Coast Mental Health Donation



Your donation to Coast Mental Health Foundation provides essential housing, support, and employment services for people with mental illness so they can find their meaningful place in our community – a place to live, a place to connect, and a place to work.