Become a champion of mental health and help us solve the mental health puzzle. 

“I stand with Coast Mental Health in asking that funding mental health is made a priority” 

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Let's make funding mental health a priority

In any given year, one in five people in Canada experiences a mental health problem.

More than 6.7 million people in Canada are living with a mental health problem or illness today. By comparison 2.2 million people in Canada have type 2 diabetes. 

If we include families and caregivers, mental health problems and illnesses impact almost everyone in some way

Having supported people living with mental illness for almost 50 years, we know there is no one single solution. 

Mental health is a puzzle that requires many different pieces, and everybody's mental health puzzle is individual, and different. 

But, with the right puzzle pieces: supports, housing, and employment opportunities, people living with mental illness can recover. 

But we need the right funding in order to solve the mental health puzzle.

Will you join us?

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 It’s safe, it’s positive, there’s no judgement, which is really big for me.

You can be yourself, you know you’re in a safe place and you know that they have the best intentions for you. I’m learning a whole bunch of new skills, and there’s a way to grow from it."

Matt - Coast Mental Health Client 



Find out how the pieces come together to help people living with mental illness:

A BC-based non-profit, we know that people living with mental illness can thrive in our communities if they are given the right resources: housing, support services, and employment and education opportunities.

Our approach is client-focused and community-based. 

Together, every day, we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. 

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