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Charitable Registration Number: 86150 8018 RR0001

Change a life when you donate to Coast Mental Health Foundation today 

A BC-based non-profit, we know that people living with mental illness can thrive in our communities if they are given the right resources: housing, support services, and employment and education opportunities.

Our approach is client-focused and community-based. 

Together, every day, we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. 

Embarking on the road to recovery from mental illness is a deeply personal decision followed by an equally personal process. Community-based mental health care allows for programs, services, and resources to be customized around each person’s unique recovery needs.
By donating to Coast Mental Health Foundation, you provide people living with mental illness with: 

  • A place to call home 
  • Support systems and a community of experts and peers to lean on 
  • Education and employment opportunities.

    Thanks to you, Coast Mental Health meets people where they are on their path to recovery. By donating today, you can help bridge the gap, and #fundmentalhealth

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