During the pandemic, you have changed lives. Daily, we are inspired by your selfless support, and by the bravery of our clients. 

This year has taught us that together, we are resilient. Coast Mental Health’s care is based on three pillars for recovery: housing, support services and employment and education. 

We start with housing as the foundation that programs build on to help clients recover. Coast Mental Health Foundation connects kind people like you with the programs of Coast Mental Health. 

This year, your help for community-based mental health has been life-changing. Thanks to you, Coast never stopped services during the pandemic. 

You helped us to care for almost 6,000 clients, including over 1,400 people housed at 52 sites. Programs adapted, and key events like the Courage To Come Back Awards changed—but your steady support helped us to be resilient. 

When you donate to Coast Mental Health Foundation, you help us plan for growth and excellence, making a difference in the lives of the clients we serve. We are beyond grateful for your help this year. 

Leonard Schein, Board Chair  &  Isabela Zabava, Executive Director 

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Vancouver, BC V5T 2C4

Phone 604-872-3502
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Toll-Free 1-877-602-6278

Charitable Registration Number: 86150 8018 RR0001

Coast’s Shared Vision: A community that embraces and honours people with mental illness, so they may thrive and contribute. 
Coast Mental Health Foundation Mission: Coast Mental Health Foundation raises public awareness and resources to promote recovery and transform the lives of people with mental illness through exceptional and innovative community-based services at Coast Mental Health. 

Together, every day, we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. 



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When COVID-19 restrictions closed our drop-in services, you helped us find new ways to offer support. 500+ front line workers helped clients around the clock. We offered take away meals and daily check-ins. 

We saw how important these services were when clients we had not seen for decades returned for help. With your generous support, we were able to safely re-open, even when other community resources remained closed. 

Alongside the pandemic, the opioid crisis got worse. In 2020, 1,724 people died from increased street drug toxicity, and a lack of supports.  

Thanks to you, Coast Mental Health can keep working to save lives through harm reduction and advocacy programs. You help us provide the essentials for living: a home, food, and friendship. 

But you also make possible the additional programs and services that help clients find a fulfilling life. Many of our programs—like the Young Adult Program, Cognitive Rehabilitation and Peer Support—wouldn’t exist without your donations. 

With your support, we are ready to face any challenge. 

The pandemic led to isolation, fear, and increased needs for many people living with mental illness. Your donations helped us offer continuous care for those in need throughout the pandemic 


For folks who have experienced homelessness, housing can be the start of a new life. For Jake, connecting to Coast housing brought community, and a chance to try new things. “I don’t know how to describe it but it sure gives you relief to have a roof over your head—a home.” 

Recovery from mental illness begins with a safe place to live. Coast Mental Health supports people recovering from mental illness and hardship by providing them with housing and support suited to their needs. Your kindness provided our 1,488 residents at 52 locations with healthy meals and support services. 

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The pandemic shifted our focus to ensuring clients had access to food and social supports. 

One staff member shared about a new member: 

“He was shaking and smiling as he ate lunch in the dining room. He told me he had not eaten in four days. We were able to provide him with a grocery card so he could pick up groceries. He was so grateful. Now he comes in any day he is not working, and he participates and socializes.” 

Your support connects clients to a range of services and programs so that they can imagine a life beyond mental illness. Your generosity helped us continue offering peer support and hope during the pandemic. 

Thanks to you, over 5,800 clients were able to build their confidence and learn new strengths this year 

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“I feel a sense of gratitude to have this space here for me to work with supportive people. I don’t know where I’d be without this place.” says Wing. 

Initially, Wing received peer support herself. Today, she’s a Peer Support Worker. She’s facilitating art recovery, Bingo, and other programs that help young adults build structure into their lives. “And this gives me a purpose and a structure in my life,” says Wing. 

Education and employment programs help clients to see a better future. Education programs develop confidence by teaching job skills, and employment programs help clients support themselves with meaningful work. 

With your support for these programs, clients can build a fulfilling life as they find their place in the community. 


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