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A BC-based non-profit, we know that people living with mental illness can thrive in our communities if they are given the right resources: housing, support services, and employment and education opportunities.

Our approach is client-focused and community-based. 

Together, every day, we prove that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. 

Your kindness turns loneliness into connection this holiday season

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Right now, your support is urgently needed to provide crucial help to people living with mental illness in the Lower Mainland. 

With the holiday season approaching we expect to see an increase in demand for our services.

What you, as a donor, uniquely provide are the critical funds we need to help every person take the next step that is right for them, at the right time.



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These are just some of the programs your gifts make possible. Whether it's through these, or the dozens of other programs funded through donations, what's clear, is that your gifts turn loneliness into connection, and connection into recovery.

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I’ve been involved with Coast Mental Health for about three years, and I’ve been working for the last six or seven months here, and I’m really proud about that. I took up peer support training and now, I facilitate the communications group.

Just having a place to come where I know people, and I can chat with people and not be alone brooding in my own thoughts is a huge help. Yeah, this is a place I’ve always felt comfortable.

And of course, the food doesn’t hurt either. When you’re in the middle of depression, it’s hard to eat well. So, having a nice, balanced meal a couple times a week meant a lot to me. Now, it’s a bonus, but back then it was pretty essential. – Jodi

Affordable meal programs provide healthy, balanced meals to those who most need it. Since the beginning of the pandemic, your donations have allowed us to adapt, and provide to-go meals. We've seen an increase in people using these services: access to reliable food sources is an important necessity, especially during a time of uncertainty.

Personal care packs are designed to meet the unique needs of clients when isolating - they help them feel more comfortable and less isolated in their own home. They include easy to prepare food staples, basic personal care items and home comforts such as books or a small radio. 

Peer Support teaches participants how to use their firsthand experiences with mental illness and the challenges of recovery in roles that support others who experience mental health challenges benefitting both the peer support worker and the clients they support. Thanks to your generosity, this critical work has been able to continue. 

E-mental health and online learning tools, including cognitive remediation (CR) are increasingly becoming a critical component of how front-line workers administer essential, lifesaving care to people living with mental illness. CR can aid recovery from severe mental illness and addiction, while access to technology can provide a lifeline to those feeling isolated. Your gifts will enable us to continue new and innovative approaches to e-mental health.

Thank you to our fantastic matching donor for stepping up -  thanks to Cadillac Fairview your gift will matched between now and Dec 31st (up to $35,000)!